Community Growth Manager

Build and maintain a thriving BUFFL community. You manage the people that answer the questions that define tomorrow’s products and services.


BUFFL (& home office)
Veemarkt 48, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

As soon as possible  – full time basis


What do we do at BUFFL? BUFFL, a tech start-up at its core, helps companies make products and services that people actually care about. Did you know that over 75 % of new products and services fail?

BUFFL created a platform that enables companies to discover the needs of their target audience and validate their (rough) ideas with hundreds of target consumers in a matter of hours. With this platform commercially available and used by clients including Liantis, Telenet, Proximus, Engie, KBC, Colruyt, P&G, BBDO, Burger King, D’Ieteren, Luminus,…
BUFFL is ready to scale.

Our mission? Get 75% of innovation to succeed by supporting our clients in mapping their assumptions and asking the right questions at the right time in their innovation process, delivering a decision within 24 hours.
Maybe we can even dream of automating market research someday?


As the manager of the BUFFL community (‘the herd’), you’ll be responsible for the acquisition of new respondents and the retention of our current community. Keeping our BUFFLs happy and growing our panel is your core activity.

You’ll get in touch with our members directly, define acquisition strategies and collaborate closely together with our sales and operations departments at BUFFL.

You’ll keep a keen eye on the quality of the gathered data from our panel and help find ways to reach the toughest respondents to find for niche projects.


  • challenger: you have a holistic view and start from the overall objectives. You are not afraid to challenge your stakeholders in order to get to a better end result.
  • An opportunity spotter: based on your mindset of always moving forward, you’ll come up with new ways to acquire niche audiences or onboard new BUFFL users more efficiently.
  • communicator: you are able to sense the room and manage your stakeholders with clear communication. You’re an active observer and listener, and intrigued by how people go through change. You’re able to communicate fluently in Dutch, French and/or English. You’ll get access to a state of the art community dashboard to keep track of community growth and performance and by staying on top of these metrics, you’ll be able to communicate important changes in our panel.
  • An owner: you can lead the way,  work independently (and in team) and are accountable for your work.


  • You dare to challenge the status quo and have great communication & people skills. The BUFFL community allows our clients to change the world for the better. Keeping them happy and knowing where to change our approach is key to keep the community thriving.
  • You lead the change towards data-driven decisions in large companies. You are a bit of a visionary!
  • You can translate sales and operations challenges into strategic actions to improve our community responsiveness and composition.
  • You are creative and are able to create content for both our survey application as our social media channels.
  • You have 3 years of experience in community building


  • We care. Become part of the herd, we move as one to reach our mission to make sure that 75% of innovations succeed.
  • Be the first to know what type of innovations our clients (in a wide variety of sectors) are working on.
  • Feel the excitement of working in a start-up and have a direct impact on the evolution of the company.
  • A highly competitive salary package, a motivated team and flexible work hours.


If you are excited about this job, send your resume and motivation letter to