Community Manager


BUFFL OFFICES Kardinaal Mercierplein 1, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

As soon as possible – fulltime basis


What do we do at BUFFL? We help companies make products and services that people actually care about. Did you know that more than 75 % of new products and services fail? It is BUFFLs mission to reverse this number!

Therefore, BUFFL developed a market research platform linked to a community of end users ready to give immediate customer feedback. Moreover, BUFFL created a validation consultancy framework to help its clients ask the right questions the right way to gather high quality customer data from the community and to take actionable decisions based on the data. Thanks to these assets BUFFL helps its clients to  validate their (rough) ideas with 250 target customers in just 10 minutes.

With this platform commercially available and used by clients including Telenet, Proximus, Orange, KBC, Colruyt, P&G, BBDO, Bundl, Duval Union, BOI, CM, Luminus,… BUFFL is ready to scale. 


The core of what BUFFL offers to its clients is engagement with its community of respondents. BUFFL wants to disrupt market research by the fact that it will put respondent experience first. Surveys or other interactions should be short & fun. Respondents are incentivized to participate in surveys, but BUFFL wants to go the extra mile. BUFFL shows respondents what the impact of their feedback is. Respondents can test new products, participate in cocreation sessions, test prototypes, even challenge companies, …

The scaling journey of BUFFL brings additional challenges for its community. You will be responsible for: 

  • Engagement with the community
  • Acquisition both online & offline. Acquisition strategy, partnerships, execute acquisitions yourself to learn, manage junior profiles or job students in acquisition actions
  • Retention. Prolong the retention of respondents in our community. How should we interact wit them? How can we create more engaging content? 
  • BUFFL works in an agile way to improve its interactions with the community via the mobile app + web platform 

As part of the BUFFL Team, you will be designing the future of our app community to grow together with the rising business demand. 

You will not solve these challenges alone, the BUFFL team currently consists of 20 highly motivated team members. You will work together most closely with the other members in the community team, digital marketeers, innovation consultants, … 


  • People oriented you get energy from human contact & have an extended social network
  • A problem solver: that when running into an issue can independently come up with a strategy, takes action to resolve it and when needed coordinate the team or other departments to find a solution.
  • Able to communicate fluently in Dutch, French and English.
  • Creative
  • Somebody with a get-things-done mindset
  • Passionate about social media and experiment data.


  • A passion for startups and innovation but above all, a passion for people
  • At least two years of experience in community management
  • Fluent communication skills
  • An interest for digital marketing


  • Learn the ins and outs of community management and innovation processes.
  • Take responsibility for your own success and that of the company – your actions have a direct impact on customer success and the future of the organization and ample room to learn and specialize according to your interests.
  • A highly competitive salary package and flexible work hours.
  • Become part of the dream team where team spirit is key: together we are ubeatable. 


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