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  • Bert Van Driessche
    Data Innovation Director, Telenet
    It is critical to build products people want. Therefore we continuously align the strategy of the company with the voice of the end user. Within our strategic and innovation hackathons BUFFL makes sure that we bring the end user at the table.
  • Oliver McAllister
    Sr. Marketing Consultant, The House of Marketing
    We need to place the customer at the heart of what we do as a company and yet everyday we struggle to really understand what our customers wants. Will our target audience be interested in this new product we’re thinking of?
  • Seppe Van Sever
    Co-Founder Bolt, Luminus Intrapreneur
    We used the Buffl tool to test a new value propositions in the B2C energy market. By using the Buffl tool, we were able to get meaningful insights from our target audience in a very quick way.


Building blocks

Get acces to the BUFFL platform and keep all your campaigns and datasets in one secure place. You get access to all features and future updates of the platform.
The platform consists of the Campaign Overviewer, the Survey Builder and the Data Dashboard.
We will keep your data stored safely on our servers, but you can always consult it, share it, or export the raw data to .CSV.
Decide on how many campaign completes you are looking for. Feel free to use this as flexible as you wish! We encourage starting, pausing, and stopping your campaigns when and where you want.
Filter our respondents on socio-demographic variables or use prescreening questions in your survey to target a specific user group.
Setting up a good campaign or getting the right insights out of your dataset can be tricky. At BUFFL we can guide you in every step of your innovation track.
Whether you are a seasoned market researcher that needs some guidance in inovation validation or an inovation expert that could ned some help seting up the right questions at the right time, we are here to help.
Ask your parents what's for dinner, not
what you should do with your business
Start knowing

What the Buffl toolkit
can help you with

Discover some of our templates to get you on the right track from the get-go. These templates are all scientifically validated and help you keepz

Problem Synthesis
Taking in regard the technical possibilities we have today, almost every problem can be solved. You can make the difference by solving the right problems and by solving these problems in the right way. It is of utmost importance to understand the context your target customer lives in order to select the right problem to solve. You want to understand the as-is situation of your target customers. What are the problems your target customers is facing? Which current solutions your target customers uses in his context? How does he/she feel? What are current frustrations? With the answers to this questions in mind creating desired solutions will only be a matter of time, not of luck.
Early Adopter Research
When bringing an innovation to the market your very first customers are of crucial importance. They give you useful feedback, first revenue and most importantly word of mouth and credibility to convince the larger market. But where do you find the first customers who are willing to try (and pay for!) your product? In order to find them, we first have to know where we looking for. Which type of people are actively looking for solutions for the problem you want to solve? Where do they look for these solutions? How can we solve the problem of these niche group of people in a really good way?
Concept selection
People love their own ideas and get more adhered to there idea the longer they are working on it. Beautiful, but there is also a risk for subjective decision taking. Immediately test the desirability of the concepts you are working on. Our stoplight framework will make sure your people are working passionately – on products that are desired by your target audience.
Once you have built a tailormade solution for a problem worth solving, you of course want to be rewarded for your efforts. What about the viability of your product or service? Are you calculating yourselves rich or are people willing to pay for the product you have created? How much are people willing to pay? Let’s put your business plan to the test and understand where people benchmark the price of your product with, determine your optimal pricing point and understand your price elasticity.
Brand identity
What is your product/service without a strong brand identity and name? Let our herd come up with names themselves or test the names you were thinking of with a critical mass. What do people associate with your brand name? How do they feel when hearing/Seeing it? Is your brand name easy understandable in all languages? Does the brand name you have in mind matches your product (category)?
Concept test
A deeper dive into your initial concept. This test gives captures lot of information about your initial concept and the market where you want to launch it in. What are the reactions to your initial concept? Are consumers able to explain your concept in their own words? How do people interact with your concept? What are the emotions and first impressions your concept evokes? Which problem does your concept solve? Does your concept is able to pass our traffic light test versus the status quo? What are drawbacks and what does our herd proposes as improvements?
Feature selection
Which feature will be your USP and which feature might just be waste of time to build? Which features are absolutely necessary, which are nice to have and which features get along together?
Landing page test
Give our users tasks to perform on your website and discover the hurdles in their customer journey. Before you start A/B testing your conversion you have to understand the why! Why people act like they act, where do they experience difficulties? And what should you actually A/B-test?

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