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Sprint support
We are used to facilitating and supporting exploration- , design- , and ideation sprints. We make sure your end user is brought at the table at key milestones in your sprint track. Your customers perception is your reality!
Hackathon data corner
We support your hackathons and ideation days with a live Data Corner to gather instant feedback about your problem assumptions, rough mockups, or concept pitches from a large user base. This allows for agile concept validation or quick pivoting.
Agile validation track
Guiding your innovation track every step of the way with customer validation as your main decision maker instead of gut feeling? Say no more, we got you covered! We can guide you through every phase of the innovation process.
We're pretty proud to have supported these awesome companies.
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Our process

Iterative loop
Understanding your customers’ pain and the context where they are experiencing it is the basis of every successful innovation. We believe qualitative - and quantitative research go hand in hand to define your target market.
Selecting the most relevant user problems to focus on can be tricky. We have built templates to help you define the scope of your project based on actionable user data. Let your target customer tell you what his biggest problem is.
When it’s time to generate solution to your target customers’ problems, we believe their voice should be included in the creation and selection of potential solutions. Design better, design in co-creation and involve your end users.
Whether you are creating mock-ups, developing working prototypes or writing the perfect value proposition pitch, don’t forget your end user because they will surely have something to say about your new brainchild.
Decisions based on assumptions are risky.
Decisions based on validation win the race!
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Case studies

Read how we have optimized the innovation flow of Telenet and VRT hack teams during an intense 48 hours hackathon. On the fly problem exploration and concept pivoting based on instant customer insights made sure that the teams could focus on the important stuff in this race against the clock!
Check out how we supported an innovation sprint week for a well-known energy provider. We used the voice of the end user to make strategic decisions based on actionable data. We even tested the value proposition pitches with a live audience to allow for last minute finetuning before the board presentation.

What Buffl can do for you

We can help you plow through your innovation track in a number of ways. Our innovation expertise and customer validation oriented methodology has proven itself to be a golden combination. So.. how can we help?

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Community Growth Manager
As a core part of the BUFFL Team, you will contribute to the future of our app community to grow together with the rising business demand. You will be working closely with m
Innovation Project Manager
You’ll become a crucial team member on our journey to disrupt the validation industry. You will be responsible for both external and internal innovation. You apply the pri