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Validate your concept

Spill your opinion

Want to know if your innovation is worth executing? Say ciao to difficult surveys, complicated procedures and boring reports. BUFFL makes validation effortless. Your target audience gets crystal clear questions. And you’ll receive real-time reliable information. So you can build a better product or service.
What if your ideas could impact tomorrow's products and services? By becoming a member of the BUFFL herd, you directly influence what brands and companies are making. Every day, different surveys appear on the BUFFL app. The more surveys you fill in, the more tokens you save up. Exchange them for coupons, good causes or funds for your organisation.
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Real-time info about your target audience


BUFFL can help you validate the right things at the right time. Check assumptions, define questions for your survey, help you analyse the collected data, define conclusions, and help you pivot or scrap your innovations when needed. We'll be your sherpa throughout the whole innovation process, from identifying a problem to putting its solution in the market.

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Survey tool

Already know how to validate your innovation track? BUFFL’s agile and in depth platform shows the results of your online survey in real-time. It’s easy and fun. Define questions, gather instant feedback and generate actionable insights through the BUFFL dashboard.

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What does this app have
in store for me?

Earn coupons or donate tokens

For every survey you fill in, you earn tokens. Exchange them for coupons of, Dille & Kamille, Netflix, ... Or support a good cause by donating your tokens.

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Have impact on innovations

By filling their questions, you help companies build products and services people actually need. And that's good news for everyone. Don't expect boring procedures, BUFFL's surveys are fun.

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Collect money for your organisation

Looking for donations for your student club, association or sports club? Ask everyone to chip in with their opinion. Fill in surveys on the BUFFL app and donate your tokens to your organisation. The organisation will receive the money on its account.

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Unilever Kaat Van der Goten
CMI specialist Food & Refreshment Belgium

“It takes both sides to build a bridge. With BUFFL we were able to build a bridge that connected us with our consumers in a quick and smart way. I want to thank BUFFL for the pleasant cooperation. Without the consultancy of BUFFL we weren’t able to built that bridge and bring the voice of our consumer at the heart of the decisions we make.”

Oliver McAllister LinkedIn Oliver McAllister
Sr. Marketing Consultant - The House of Marketing

“We need to place the customer at the heart of what we do as a company and yet everyday we struggle to really understand what our customers wants. Will our target audience be interested in this new product we’re thinking of? Imagine you could get 100 prospects responding to any marketing related question within an hour, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional market research. That’s exactly what is possible thanks to BUFFL!”

Stijn Keppens LinkedIn Stijn Keppens
Strategic manager and business developer - BNP Paribas

“Thank you again for your help with the investigation. Impressed by the speed with which you get results, and nice to receive such a clear explanation. I've worked with the larger research agencies in the past, and you certainly shouldn't be inferior. On the contrary."

Bert Van Driessche LinkedIn Bert Van Driessche
Data Innovation Director - Telenet

“It is critical to build products people want. Therefore we continuously align the strategy of the company with the voice of the end user. Within our strategic and innovation hackathons BUFFL makes sure that we bring the end user at the table. This way BUFFL helps us to make better and objective management decisions , 4 times faster and 5 times cheaper, enough said.”

Seppe Van Sever LinkedIn Seppe Van Sever
Co-Founder Bolt - Luminus Intrapreneur

“We used the BUFFL tool to test a new value propositions in the B2C energy market. By using the BUFFL tool, we were able to get meaningful insights from our target audience in a very quick way. The collaboration between BUFFL and renewers went very smooth and we learned a lot from BUFFL’s skills in market research. BUFFL is a great tool if you want to get to know your potential customers.”

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