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Let’s get you on the right track

What if we told you there is a way to be 100% sure your target audience is going to love your product or service, long before it even hits the market…
That’s right, with our custom BUFFL surveys, we get your target audience to validate your business ideas. The real-time results will match that amazing product or service you have in mind, to actual measurable consumer needs.
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The building blocks of BUFFL

Validation methodology
Dynamic dashboard
To get a correct and profound answer, it takes a good question, right? BUFFL’s ready-to-go survey templates denote each phase of your innovation process. Multiple choice questions, open answers, rating scales and photo captures, you name it, BUFFL has it. Our access to respondents all over the world ensures your questions are only answered by the right critical mass.
Unsure who you should target? We’ll get you started.
Dynamic dashboard
Live community access
This is the fun part. Sit back and watch the results in real-time. The great thing about our way of working is that you have access to these results as they come in through our dynamic data platform, set up specifically for you. The platform is set up in such a way so you can filter on specific questions, drill down on a set of sociodemographics and even compare the various age segments. Alternatively you have the possibility to download and export the data. Whatever strikes your fancy!
Not sure where to start? Give us a shout and we will be right there to help you out.
Community results
Validation methodology
What if you had an “okayish” idea turn into an amazingly great idea, just by tweaking it a bit? Or even better, what if you could eliminate a bad idea before wasting precious time and budget? BUFFL uses a milestone validation method that involves your target audience and allows them to validate the key decisions throughout your innovation process. The first step is to identify the problem, next up is to develop a (scalable?) solution to this problem and to finish up we present you with a well rounded go-to-market strategy.
No stress, BUFFL will guide you like a sherpa.

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Unilever Kaat Van der Goten
CMI specialist Food & Refreshment Belgium

“It takes both sides to build a bridge. With BUFFL we were able to build a bridge that connected us with our consumers in a quick and smart way. I want to thank BUFFL for the pleasant cooperation. Without the consultancy of BUFFL we weren’t able to built that bridge and bring the voice of our consumer at the heart of the decisions we make.”

Oliver McAllister LinkedIn Oliver McAllister
Sr. Marketing Consultant - The House of Marketing

“We need to place the customer at the heart of what we do as a company and yet everyday we struggle to really understand what our customers wants. Will our target audience be interested in this new product we’re thinking of? Imagine you could get 100 prospects responding to any marketing related question within an hour, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional market research. That’s exactly what is possible thanks to BUFFL!”

Stijn Keppens LinkedIn Stijn Keppens
Strategic manager and business developer - BNP Paribas

“Thank you again for your help with the investigation. Impressed by the speed with which you get results, and nice to receive such a clear explanation. I've worked with the larger research agencies in the past, and you certainly shouldn't be inferior. On the contrary."

Bert Van Driessche LinkedIn Bert Van Driessche
Data Innovation Director - Telenet

“It is critical to build products people want. Therefore we continuously align the strategy of the company with the voice of the end user. Within our strategic and innovation hackathons BUFFL makes sure that we bring the end user at the table. This way BUFFL helps us to make better and objective management decisions , 4 times faster and 5 times cheaper, enough said.”

Seppe Van Sever LinkedIn Seppe Van Sever
Co-Founder Bolt - Luminus Intrapreneur

“We used the BUFFL tool to test a new value propositions in the B2C energy market. By using the BUFFL tool, we were able to get meaningful insights from our target audience in a very quick way. The collaboration between BUFFL and renewers went very smooth and we learned a lot from BUFFL’s skills in market research. BUFFL is a great tool if you want to get to know your potential customers.”

Teamwork makes the dream work.

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