Is your customer waiting for the product
or service you're designing?
We offer validation as an intuitive
DIY toolkit or as a service
These companies already
made better design decisions
Let the end user guide you in making the right decisions
Bert Van Driessche Data Innovation Director, Telenet
“It is critical to build products people want. Therefore we continuously align the strategy of the company with the voice of the end user. Within our strategic and innovation hackathons BUFFL makes sure that we bring the end user at the table. This way BUFFL helps us to make better and objective management decisions , 4 times faster and 5 times cheaper, enough said.”
There's no shame in pivoting
Gather instant feedback from our ready-to-go audience
Oliver McAllister Sr. Marketing Consultant, The House of Marketing
“We need to place the customer at the heart of what we do as a company and yet everyday we struggle to really understand what our customers wants. Will our target audience be interested in this new product we’re thinking of? Imagine you could get 100 prospects responding to any marketing related question within an hour, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional market research. That’s exactly what is possible thanks to Buffl!”
Stop waiting, start validating
Actionable insights thanks to the dashboard and BUFFL expertise
Seppe Van Sever Co-Founder Bolt, Luminus Intrapreneur
“We used the Buffl tool to test a new value propositions in the B2C energy market. By using the Buffl tool, we were able to get meaningful insights from our target audience in a very quick way. The collaboration between Buffl and renewers went very smooth and we learned a lot from Buffl’s skills in market research. Buffl is a great tool if you want to get to know your potential customers.”
Simplicity is key
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with our intuitive DIY toolkit or with the service
On demand
validation toolkit
Already know how to validate during your innovation track? Discover the BUFFL platform and start validating in an agile way.
Validation as
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Need help mapping and validating your assumptions in a structured way? Our innovation coaches will show you the ropes.