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Still doing research by yourself?

Setting up your research SETTING UP RESEARCH

Building a research campaign is quite an elaborate task when facing it alone. Conducting market research is probably outside of your comfort zone thus making it seem like a demanding occupation. Most of the time it requires some extra desk research to find the right tips an tricks for constructing that perfect campaign.

Setting up your research FINDING A RELEVANT PANEL

Once you have completed the construction of your research campaign, it's time to start looking for respondents. Many tools already exist, but whether it's an online questionnaire service, your own assembled social media group or some random people passing by, you will have to chase those results and make sure your friends, family or strangers deliver that sweet, quantifiable data!

Setting up your research PROCESSING THE DATA

Alrighty! You have finally hit the desired amount of completed surveys. Now comes the part where you assemble them all into one document and Google search the term: "pivot tables" and "pie chart Excel". Data gathering is one thing, transforming it all into something that's easily readable is

How much time could be saved?


We believe that you should focus as much as possible on the part of the innovation process that you are good at. Research takes up a lot of time and really sidetracks your creative process.



 ☁️ live data in client dashboard.

The Buffl client platform offers a clear and structured overview of your active and finished campaigns. Results will be updated continuously and you can track the course of your campaign. 

Client Buffl dashboard overview

🛠 Easy to use campaign builder.

We've developed an easy to use campaign builder. By selecting the desired building blocks and customizing the look and feel of your campaign, we believe that everyone can create stunning surveys that engage your audience.


📊 Dynamic data filtering.

As soon as at least one Buffl has completed your campaign, you will be able to consult the results in your client interface. We have created a dynamic data dashboard for you to play around with. Some basic demographic filters should give you the transparent insights you have been looking for.