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Making sure an ad campaign resonates with its audience is a headache and priority for every large agency or marketing team out there.
But how do we know whether we’re actually hitting the mark?

For their #FailBetter campaign, Ethias asked this exact question to the people at Springbok. Do we want real-life examples in our commercial? How can we collect these ideas from that audience and validate them with a bigger group? The roads led to Rome: BUFFL.

BUFFL is a Mechelen based company, founded in 2018, leveraging a community that allows companies to keep their fingers on the pulse of their audience. “Bring the customer with you in every meeting” is their motto. In several short-cycle feedback rounds, xxx amount of people gave feedback on the proposed concept & commercial. With this hoard of feedback, Ethias & Springbok adapted their commercial several times to better fit the narrative required.

Jente Smit (Springbok): “There is nothing quite as bad as trying to speak the language of young people and miss the mark. Fortunately, we did not fall into that trap with our youth campaign. And we actually know that from the youngsters themselves thanks to BUFFL.”

Vincent Pecasse (Head of Marketing): “At Ethias we want to communicate inclusively. It is therefore extremely important for us to immediately gain insight into whether our message is actually getting through. This real-time validation is something we can now do thanks to the BUFFL platform.”

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