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”How do we make sure our internal innovation workshops are actionable and customer-focused when time & budget is limited?”

Way of working

Before developing long-term portfolio strategies for local brands (in ideation sessions), it’s essential to identify and define ’boundaries for innovation’ with relevant stakeholders. Unilever turned to BUFFL to find out how far they could stretch their future product portfolio without losing track of consumer needs and brand fit. Via the BUFFL platform, Unilever collected feedback from 300 Belgian respondents to feed & structure the workshop.


  • Validated 20 socio-demographic & behavioral assumptions in less than 1 week
  • BUFFL’s validation framework helped us identify more than 6 contexts worth exploring in a fast & structured way
  • Integrated the voice of the customer in key decisions (at a far lower cost and risk)

Kaat Van der Goten – CMI specialist Food & Refreshment Belgium

“It takes both sides to built a bridge. With BUFFL we were able to built a bridge that connected us with our consumers in a quick and smart way. I want to thank BUFFL for the pleasant cooperation. Without the consultancy of BUFFL we weren’t able to built that bridge and bring the voice of our consumer at the heart of the decisions we make”.

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