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Change in society is happening faster than ever before. As a result the desirability of products & services is evolving at the same rapid pace. In order to stay relevant, corporations have to adapt their internal clocks and accelerate their internal processes and product launches. This is why Proximus installed / is installing an agile way of working among their business units.

The customer insights & analytics team of Proximus consists of 25 skilled and highly motivated people. Still, the team is confronted with the huge challenge to effectively deliver insights in order for almost 13.000 employees to take the right data driven decisions in their sprint process. Delivery times dropped from months to weeks or even days. 

Should they make important decisions based on gut feeling or is there another way to deliver insights without slowing down the business processes?


The solution to this challenge is a multi-layered one. 

  1. A critical first step is that some data are readily available. Proximus has live contact with the BUFFL community, which means 20K respondents can be reached within 24 hours. It is even possible to reach 500+ respondents of the desired segment in just a few hours.
  2. In order to have impact, the research setup and data analysis should be straightforward and easy. The BUFFL dashboard makes it possible for business departments with limited basic research knowledge to properly redirect their decisions based on the insights.
  3. Finally, to be successful on a larger scale a structured approach is required. Proximus and BUFFL co created a scientific validation framework with flowcharts, research templates and stakeholder management tools. This framework was then used to train the customer insights & analytics team as well as key business stakeholders. On one hand, the methodology and toolbox allow us to scale basic validation knowledge throughout business in order to take a lot of validation steps individually at speed. On the other hand, the critical steps can be co created with and reviewed by the experts of the customer insights & analytics team. 


By delivering insights and customer feedback to the team they can speed up their decision making process, where in the past more traditional research required the project to wait a couple of weeks. With this new methodology the barrier to include customer feedback has decreased tremendously. Testing things is beneficial because it makes it easier to make decisions and move on. Since it happens in only a matter of hours or days, the project doesn’t lose any time; it simply wins time!

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